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Avandra - Skylighting

Skylighting (2020)

1: Celestial Wreaths
2: Noetic Probes
3: Life Is Not A Circle, But A Sphere
4: Eternal Return
5: Procgen
6: Afferent Realms
7: New Origins

Celestial Wreaths

Like many drowned in grief
I search the skies above me
For new cosmonauts

Between the valleys of stars
New light emerges from afar
Though the darkness can seem so vast

But you’ll never be forgotten
By your own
We’ll search the heavens and find you
In your cosmic glow

Crowned with celestial wreaths
The myriad deceased now scream
Sirens that warn us
To mend our societies

Sent to the ether too soon
While plutocrats increase their boon
In a corporate welfare state

Where cures are viewed like commodities
Left public good and a fantasy
Not like the rights that they deserve

But you’ll never be forgotten
By your own
We’ll search the heavens and find you
In your cosmic glow

Crowned with celestial wreaths
The myriad deceased now scream
Sirens that warn us
To mend our societies

Institutions that fail to act
As we bleed
From their consistent irresponsibility
Drowning the airwaves with such obvious double-speak
The silver lining’s only as strong as we’ll be

So, sing

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Noetic Probes

The rains have come
What is the dew point of my soul?

Weathering storms
The sediment of my igneous spirit soars.
Relentlessly unperturbed
My feet advance over moving earth

Razed by uncounted noons
And warm, cloudy nights.

Unstained by ideological currents,
The sea of my being remains
Free from restraints, unpolluted;

Wellspring of life enshrined,
Immunized by layers of aeons.
Psychic fragments recombine
In unfathomable depths;

An unforeseeable becoming
Exposes metamorphic thoughts.
The rain loosens these knots

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Life is not a Circle, But a Sphere

Somber the sigh
Of afflicted eyes
That look through the lens
Of a life that contends

With a language so void
Of words to describe
The feelings of toil
I keep hidden inside

With subtlety
I walk through this ethereal soil
Where I’ll bury the seeds of
All my hopes and dreams, and coil
In the future’s embrace
Expectations I’ll soon have to face

Alone I walk the path that leads to
A long-lost mystic alphabet
That connects our rivers to the same shores
Allows me to never forget
The link with the voice that now comes from
An oracle declaring that all

Language interjects all knowledge
No intuition allowed here
The possibility of patterns
Of thoughts quickly disappear
Without the “I”
Without the “you”
A connection with the self to see it through

No subject built without a verb
Of grief and sorrow
Joy and pain

Falling to the seduction of a
Grammar made to understand
These myriad feelings
Yet it can’t
Consciousness can only access
A tri-dimensional extension
A surface sign of a deeper meaning
But to reach its depths we’re missing a fourth

And necessary will
To recognize life in its totality
As a sphere and not a circle
The completion of perspectives to a higher

Condition of our lives
Where there still exists a link
Between the “you” and “I”
Knowing we have only parted in words
A bridge soon to reconcile

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Eternal Return

Death’s Desolation
(Like a)
A gust of silence,
Entices the shrouds
(To rise)
To rise through the temple

Bluish lips upon
Kissing such a winter,
Eternity as sand slips
(Through our)
Through our fingers

(Its text)
Its text identical
Yet unrecognizable,
Life receives us in its vineyard’s rose garden…

I am the new light in the dark valley
Returned to new heights
In cover of night

Pespectives from
High above
Watching this cycle
Rise and come undone

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Vineyards of eventide silence
Beneath the measureless
Sailcloth of autumn sky
The penultimate
Phase of Venus
Features prominently
Among emerging stars

A walk to untie memory mesh
Reroute the river’s irreversible flow
— long before it reaches the sea;
Where wildflowers grow
Where wildflowers tremble
Among the blades of grass

Hands that slowly craft its soul
(Potentials reified)
Into a mold of a present sowed
(A presence signified)
By the seeds of a past now formed
(Like statues petrified)
Into futures the rivers flow
(Meditation guides)

A voice reaches from below
(Warning my pride)
A backwards glance of a tensioned bow
(The ego subsides)
A reinterpreting of life’s code
(Reconstrued sunrise)
That now leads me towards the ascension road

Reinterpreting the past in service of a future vast
Regathering the sands of time to forge a new hourglass
Apropos of lived time’s progression is where the lesson stands,
The soul hangs on the balance of life’s eternal strands,
A voice reaches from below and beckons to its halls
Whispering the warnings of the pride before fall
Laboring undisturbed in his solitary realm
the past, a sage who in the shadows is at the future’s helm

The River Flows…

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Afferent Realms

Chrome red razor sharp fractals
Wave in the cobalt blue breeze;
Strands of emerald green reef
Frame a shore of endless bliss.

Shifting landscapes inside
Collapse under the weight of
Metaphors and endless signs
Interpreting our design

Bass flute drunk on sunken sun,
In the midst of dying day,
Perceives the piercing whispers
Of constellations unnamed

Throne of night falls to soft sands;
For transient trains of thought thrive
On silken silence spoken
With the warm tension of brine

Throat thorn’d by claret laurels
Of primeval bacchant Eves;
Sowed by the outside world’s stimuli
They claim inspiration is
The tonic scent of mint leaves
Tied together by a continuum unseen

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New Origins (access)

In a now that is always departing,
Before the light reaches my eyes,
Before delight fades from my mind;
I wish for one unentangled moment,
A hidden variable — a chaotic butterfly,
That stirs up a storm in my heart;
Of lifeworlds converging like wayward clouds,
Secretly gathered by zephyrs of chance,
Whose ashen countenance, set alight,
Breaks into exultant rain;
The earth, its arid fortunes doused,
Spirits away on the mountain’s water clap,
And in its wake the forests yield,
Uprooted trees and new waterfalls.

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